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July Ratings

Posted by Paul S on Fri August 18, 2000 at 0h00

July club ratings have been posted. They took a long time to get back from the NSA, presumably because having the Nationals on created delays.

NOTE: The complete prize winners list from the Nationals should be available soon, and I'll update the Out of Town Results Archive as soon as this list is available (without posting a news item). There is a partial list online now but I'm waiting for the full one as some of our players are expecting to be on it.

Quick Update - The program to reconstruct the statistics for the Ladder Archive is nearly complete. Actually it is complete, I just need to program it to write the data to disk now. Afterwards, I have to modify the actual ladder updater program to be able to handle the new data, and following that I'll be able to begin entering new results and posting them! As mentioned, results will be posted as they are completed, and we should be caught up with current results in early or mid-September. Look for the first new results to begin appearing late next week.