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New Features

Posted by Paul S on Sun July 22, 2001 at 0h00

Okay, now to the features! Actually, there really isn't all that much to talk about. Though all of the pages look different and the site has a new structure, it's more or less the same stuff as before. I've added a few small things, but nothing earth-shattering. The update was largely technical; from my point of view the site is VASTLY DIFFERENT from what it used to be! But anyhow, here's what's new, from least-technical to most-technical:

  • New Appearance - Obviously, the site looks way different. There are now multiple navigation bars and they appear at the top of the page instead of the left side. Gone are the graphical "buttons" which were largely unnecessary. There are also text-based navigation bars at the bottom of each page. Because I don't entirely like how things turned out, I will probably change the appearance of the navigation bars at the top in the near future. However, the general idea will remain the same.
  • .png files replace .gif files - .gif is a proprietary, copyrighted format and there are numerous horror stories about sites and companies being sued over their use. .png is a public format that's becoming increasingly more used on web sites, and you can add this site to that list. .png files can be displayed by all of the major browsers and a lot of other ones.
  • Quicker Access to Information - The tables or lists of links on index pages have all been moved to the top of the page. This lets you find the results more quickly with little or no scrolling. The introductory and explanatory material is still available at the bottom of the pages for those that need them.
  • New Section - The Members only section will be a password-protected area for Calgary club members only. As mentioned above, it's not ready yet (and the links will not work), but it should be available in the next few days.
  • New Subsection - There's a new section for Randall Thomas' Scrabble® School. Read the separate announcement about Scrabble® School (below) to learn more.
  • New Page - A list of upcoming nearby out-of-town tournaments is now available. These are tournaments that our members will be most interested in travelling to. When possible I'll link to detailed information on these tournaments (on other sites) and list the names of club members who will be attending!
  • Renamed Section - The old Ladder Archive is now known as the Club Results Archive. Sounds much better, eh?
  • Convenience - If you want to get the latest club results, you can bookmark http://www.calgary374.org/club/results/latest.cgi and you'll be automatically redirected to the newest club results. Of course, this will become more useful when I finally catch up on the club results (which is my next project now that the renovation is done). Similar links will be added for tournament results, out-of-town results, and other areas later.