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Site Updates

Posted by Paul S on Fri August 17, 2001 at 0h00

I've been busy doing some personal system upgrades over the last little while, but now that I'm more-or-less finished with that I've begun making updates to this site again. Here's what's new:

The Western Canadian Championship online tournament brochure is finally available. Plain text (printable) versions of the official flyer and the registration form have also been updated. The WCC is our big double-tournament coming up in October. If you're from out of town and would like to attend we may even be able to find you a member's home to stay at for free!

Also, I should be learning of our 2002 tournament schedule next week. When I do I'll make it available online, and hopefully the brochures for the Marathon and Winter tournaments along with it.

The Links page is finally online! On it is a collection of hand-picked links to the sites most valuable (in my opinion) to club and tournament Scrabble® players. It's not an all-encompassing list of links by any means, but it will point you to some sites that are.

And the ratings page has been updated for the July mini. Ho-hum.

A couple of broken links have been fixed too, most notably the bottom navbar link to the tournament results.

Now for a quick update on additions still to be made: The Member's Section will be online shortly. I'm just waiting for the electronic version of our club's names list. The Out-of-Town results will also be updated very soon as our members have been to a few tournaments recently. I just need to update the generator program to work with the new site. The Word Lists page will be done as soon as I decide on a format for it. The Virtual Tour will be available when I finish retaking all the pictures and get the tour put together. (I guess my losing the pictures was a good thing because the building is now being repainted inside and out anyhow.) Lastly, I should begin adding results to the ever-out-of-date Club Results Archive soon. Of course the site redesign took priority over this. Plus I still don't know what to do about those two missing weeks.