Calgary Scrabble Group


Various Updates

Posted by Paul S on Sun September 30, 2001 at 0h00

I've made several small updates to various portions of the site, as follows:

First of all, the Members' Section is now available. The section is password-protected. DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING FOR THE PASSWORD. I will not give it out, even if I know your email address is valid. The only way to get the password is to attend a regular Thursday meetings. (There's not anything super-secret in there, but the section is intended only for current club members and I want to make sure it stays that way.)

Second, the Out-of-town results and schedule have been updated through August. For the most part, Calgary club members who travelled to other tournaments did not fair too well, but there were some shining moments. Most notable was Mark Schellenberg who did very well in two of the three Reno tournaments in July! Congratulations to him and to all others who had bright spots. BTW I'm still waiting for the NSA to post the Portland results.

Next, I must remind anybody browsing older stuff in the archives that most of the links within older pages will not work because they still refer to the pre-renovation version of the site. This problem will gradually be fixed but it is low priority.

Fourth, I have begun working on the Word Lists page but it will take some time to complete. A very early version of the page may be online shortly, but I won't make an announcement until the page is completely finished.

Fifth, as you can see I've finally archived the recent news. This is normally not newsworthy except it was really piling up on the main page. The reason is because I wanted to leave the renovation announcements up for as long as I could.

Also, I have enough pictures to start work on the Virtual Tour of our club meeting place. It will take a while to complete, and it's low priority, but I do want to get it done at some point soon, especially now that we'll be using the same venue for our mini-tournaments.

Finally, some results have been added to the Club Results Archive. I'm finally finished the year 2000! Remember, you can bookmark this link to always be taken to the newest results. The link changes automatically whenever new results are added.