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LAMPWords Released

Posted by Paul S on Thu December 20, 2001 at 0h00

This is a bit of shameless self-promotion on my part - I've just released a program called LAMPWords for Palm handhelds. It performs some of the same functions as the Franklin Electronic OSPD, such as anagramming and pattern matching. The program and word databases are free, and can be downloaded from the LAMPWords website.

To stay on topic, congratulations World Champion Brian Cappelletto (USA) for taking the title this past weekend. I've been so busy with exams (and LAMPWords!) that I virtually forgot about the Worlds. The defending champion, Canadian Joel Wapnick, finished second after losing to Brian 3-1 in the best-of-5 final. There's extensive coverage of the Worlds on the NSA's web site.

Also, I've done another month or so worth of Club Results. This means I'm finally into our current season! My exams end this week and then I'll try to pick up the pace even more.