Calgary Scrabble Group


Stepping Down

Posted by Paul S on Sat March 16, 2002 at 0h00

Effective March 22nd, I will be stepping down from my role of minding the door at Thursday club sessions, and being the general "computer guy" at clubs and tournaments. A lack of time prohibits me from fufilling either duty successfully. There is also a possibility that I will be working out of town starting in May. Since our club's laptop hard drive recently suffered an unexpected demise, it seems like a good time for me to move on.

However, I will still remain a director of the club and, most importantly to you (since you're here), I will still be maintaining this web site. Obviously updates will not be too frequent but at least the site will still be maintained. The only problem would arise if I do indeed go out of town to work, but the chances of that are fairly low, so in the meantime site updates will continue as my time permits.

The web site will not be completely unaffected by my departure from the other roles. I will not have access to our tournament results quite as quickly as I used to, and it also means that all of that fancy stuff that I wanted to do (e.g. live results) is not going to happen. I also won't have the last names of new players for the Club Results Archive right away, since they'll be giving the forms to somebody else. For the most part, though, things won't change too much with regard to this site.

We are looking for club members with basic computer skills to help out with results entry at tournaments. If you can help please contact Siri or Randall - see the contacts page for email addresses. The good news is that we should have some replacement equipment lined up for the Summer tournament, so by then all should start to return to normal, with somebody else in charge of the results.