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Site Updated

Posted by Paul S on Sat March 16, 2002 at 0h00

I've finally got a chance to update the site. February mini results are now online, minus the category winners. Ratings from the Winter Tournament are also online. I've also made a few routine updates to various pages to ensure the information on this site is as accurate as possible.

Also, the Club Results Archive has been updated through to the end of February, which also marks the end of our club season. I am waiting until next week so I can synchronize with the book before beginning the March results and the new season.

Contrary to previous announcements, archive results will not be considered official. I am extremely disappointed about this. It was supposed to have been settled at a director's meeting in January but no such a meeting ever occured despite my efforts to initiate one. I have now removed all references to the archive being official.

On a more positive note, we still do have club awards, and they will be given out at our Annual Dinner in early April. The details are now online. The dinner's a bit later than we normally like it due to the early Easter weekend and other clashes, but it will go on.

I should have time for more updates next week which will see the Club Results archive brought back up to date, the Western Canadian Championship brochure put online, the February mini ratings (I hope), and some new Out of Town Results. Of course as updates are made I will announce them here.