Calgary Scrabble Group


General Meeting

Posted by Paul S on Sat April 20, 2002 at 0h00

The club will be hosting a General Meeting on Wednesday, May 8th at 7:00pm (until about 10pm) at the normal tournament venue. This will give our members a chance to express any concerns and make suggestions in person. Updates will also be given on the progress (or rather lack thereof) towards incorportation and other changes happening at the club. I'd put up a page about the meeting but I don't have time right now (see news item below).

Please write any items for the meeting on the sheet at the club on Thursday. This sheet has been posted for a few weeks but this week will be your last chance. If you support a suggestion, please initial it. We will go in order of the most-endorsed items in case time runs short.

This meeting is open to current members only. Although nothing at the meeting is binding on the Directors we do value the input of our members, especially regarding things which may be troubling. Please make sure to write your item so it gets discussed!