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Pairs Tournament

Posted by Paul S on Sat September 21, 2002 at 0h00

We are of course gearing up for the big Western Canadian Championship to be held Oct. 2-6 (3 tournaments). At last check we have over 80 registrations! This puts us on pace to break the attendance record of 106 set at the first event six years ago.

However, this news item is to remind you of our newest tournament! The Pairs Tournament will take place October 27th. This is a unique tournament that lets teams of two compete against each other. Find your own partner, or have one chosen by random draw. Pairings will be handicapped to allow for rating disparities.

Pairs tournaments are becoming increasingly popular, due in part to the invention of the Reno handicapping system which is what we will be using. Although pairs tournaments cannot be rated, they are a whole lot of fun! If you're interested, see the brochure above and then contact Siri for registration details.