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Posted by Paul S on Tue September 03, 2002 at 0h00

Some updates to the site have been made! They're mainly routine, but that's about the only kind of update that can be made at this time of year. Summer is always our slowest time, but that lets us gear up for the big Western Canadian Championship! It's 3 tournaments to be held October 2nd thru 6th. Follow the link above for full details.

Our 2003 Tournament Details are all online. Please note that details are tentative at this point and subject to change. Our format rarely does change, though.

Out of Town Results are now online, right up through the Portland, OR tournament which ended yesterday. Special congratulations to Shannon Burns for finishing 6th in Division 3 of the National Scrabble® Championship! (It looks as though a script error was preventing the Out of Town Results from being accessed - this should now be fixed.)

August Ratings are now online. These don't yet include the Nationals as official ratings from that event aren't yet available. When they are I'll update them, probably without an announcement.

Speaking of updates made without an announcement, the Club Results for the last few weeks were posted recently. I even did last Thursday's results on the same night!

In one week's time I return to University for my final year of studies. I will continue to update this web site whenever I can. The good news is that I have Fridays off all year, so I should be able to do updates after each Thursday session.