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Score Sheet Archive

Posted by Paul S on Wed October 30, 2002 at 0h00

A new section called the Score Sheet Archive is now open! The Score Sheet Archive is an online collection of the score and tracking sheets of many different Scrabble® players.

The archive is part of the New Player's section of the web site. This is because finding a good score sheet is often a tough task for newcomers. Of course, you don't have to be a newcomer to use the archive!

This is a project I tried to start over two years ago. I got a lot of sheets sent to me, but never got a chance to do anything with them because I started another year of classes shortly after. Then I kind of forgot about the project, unfortunately. However I had a free evening last night and noticed the sheets sitting on my desk so I decided to get the project going again.

My great thanks go to all those who sent me sheets. I'd especially like to thank Gene Tyszka for sending me something like 100 different variations of sheets that he used to sell! I've only scanned a few of them for now; I'll add the rest when I get time.

If you'd like to send me your sheet, please email it to me. If you want to mail me a printed sheet instead, email me to request my mailing address.

Please note that a few of the scans are crooked and most have a thin black bar where the scan area went beyond the page. I will try to get these cleaned up when I have a chance.

Quick Note - The Club Results Archive has finally been updated through October 17th, which are the latest results that I have right now.