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Numerous Updates

Posted by Paul S on Thu January 30, 2003 at 2h24

I've made numerous updates to the site! It was important I get some major updates done now because I almost certainly won't have a chance again until May after I graduate.

The Club Results Archive has now been updated right through last week. I particularly wanted to get this done because the end of the club season is coming up in about a month. Also, there was a backlog of about three months, so if I don't clear that up now then I'll get even more buried later.

2003 Western Canadian Championship Tournament Details are now online! Last year's event was our best yet and we plan to keep up the momentum.

IMPORTANT: The correct date for the April mini-tournament is April 27th. It looks like I changed the date for the Spring tournament instead of the April mini. This would explain the error for that tournament (see previous news item) as well as this error.

Ratings, the Nearby Tournament Listing, and Out of town Results have all been updated.

Lastly, the News Archive has been further upgraded. The pages all look like the rest of the site now, and also a search feature has been added! The search capabilities are rather crude but should suffice for now. Look for the search feature at the bottom of most news pages.

Hopefully that will keep everybody happy for the next few months! Of course, routine updates will continue.