Calgary Scrabble Group


Advance Tickets Discontinued

Posted by Paul S on Thu February 20, 2003 at 15h31

We regret to announce that the advance payment tickets for Thursday night club sessions have been discontinued. Recent cost increases (e.g. a near doubling of the rent for the Western Canadian venue) mean that we need some additional sources of income, and the ticket discounts were depriving the club of about $400 a year. While the club is not at all in financial difficulty, we want to ensure it stays this way!

Additionally, the tickets were becoming a logistical nightmare. When they were started, I was doing everything myself so it was easy, but administrative changes over the last few years have meant that three people are now involved, and this just makes it too ugly to manage. So the timing seems to be right for this decision.

Members with existing tickets can continue to use them until they run out. After that, it will be $3 cash a night for everybody. Remember, at $3 (Canadian) per night, our club still has one of the lowest fees for a Scrabble®® club in the world!

The Meeting Details have been updated to reflect this change.

Also, some other minor updates: The Club Results Archive have been updated through last week, and the Ratings have been updated through our Winter tournament.