Calgary Scrabble Group


Important Tournament Information

Posted by Paul S on Thu November 06, 2003 at 0h54

As most club members know, the hotel where we have been hosting our events is slated for demolition next year. This will mean all of our tournaments will be moving starting in 2004.

We are still finalizing the locations and some dates. The planned dates for events in the first half of 2004 have now been added to the Tournament Schedule. We will add more details as they are confirmed.

The two remaining 2003 tournaments will be held at the Days Inn. To repeat, there is no change in location for the two remaining minis this year! The first event to be held at a new location will be the Marathon in 2004. Make sure you go to the right venue!

Please note the revised date for the December Mini! This tournament has been pushed back a week to December 14th.

Again, I will try to post new information as soon as it becomes available. The good news is that nearly everything is in place so barring any unforseen last-minute difficulties we should be able to confirm the new locations and dates very soon. In the meantime, please excuse any inconvenience caused by this somewhat unexpected transition.