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December Results

Posted by Paul S on Sun December 14, 2003 at 22h22

Results from today's December mini are now available. It was a decently-attended event with 28 people playing.

For the first time we had an opt-in prize fund, costing $10 per player. The highest 3 players in each divsion who opted in received prize money back. 20 of 28 players put in, which was better than expected. I don't have the money winners listed on the results yet, but I expect to have them posted within the next day or so. The opt-in fund will be featured at every mini from now on.

This was the last tournament at the Days Inn, where we have been holding our events for nearly 6 years. There were high points and low points, but we will miss it!

The next two tournaments in January are at the Marlborough Community Centre, just east of Marlborough Mall.