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Spring Results (Belated)

Posted by Paul S on Fri April 09, 2004 at 0h25

The Spring tournament results are now available. I'm terribly sorry for forgetting about them. They've been sitting on my computer ready to go and I just plain darn forgot to post them.

As usual, should this happen again I implore everybody to please send me angry emails immediately telling me to get my act together. Or a kick in the butt at the club will work, too. :-)

However, please don't send me emails about the Club Results Archive not being updated, because that's intentional. I'm working on an overhaul which will make it much easier for me or anybody else to update. It'll take a couple of months to finish at least. Since the season just started, it seemed like the best time. More details as I get closer to finishing.

I'm also aware that the Out of Town Results haven't been updated in like a year, but they're low priority. I do have a bunch of results in my Inbox, though, so I haven't forgotten about this section.