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Tournament News

Posted by Paul S on Sun April 11, 2004 at 16h46

Change of venue: Please note that effective immediately all mini-tournaments will now be held at the Marlborough Community Association, the same venue as our two-day events.

Also, we are having a Pairs Tournament on April 17th (this Saturday). Format will be the same as the previous events. A handicap system is in place. You are requested to find your own partner but if not, we'll find you one, however we must have your confirmed registration by Thursday! (BTW, a certain webmaster is considering playing and is not yet spoken for!) Contact Siri for information. NOTE: Venue will not be the Amenities Building at Garrison Woods as published in the original flyer! Again, contact Siri for the new location.

Finally, a couple of stats -- average and standard deviation (SD) for each player -- have been added to the Ratings page. The average is the same one as on the full rating report, and the SD is a complimentary statistic that seemed fitting to add at the same time. (For those with no background in statistics: If your SD is low, then your rating hasn't been changing very much.)