Calgary Scrabble Group


New Ratings & Small Update

Posted by Paul S on Wed June 23, 2004 at 23h25

New ratings are now online, covering up to the Seattle tournament.

Also, I've fixed a problem that I happened to discover in the 2003 Western Canadian Championship Results that chopped about 3/4 of the participants in division 4. The text version of the results was okay but the web page was missing a bunch of players. My sincerest apologies to all who got left off. (Though I'm sure some who didn't do so well were glad not to have their performance posted for all to see!)

There is of course not much going on, as we're in our longest "tournamentless" stretch in nearly seven years. That's why the web site has been quiet. I am, gradually, still working on the update to the Club Results Archive, but this is in between three other projects plus work plus playing Scrabble® so it's not exactly going to get done quickly. Updates will posted as things develop.