Calgary Scrabble Group


Time to Move On

Posted by Paul S on Mon July 11, 2005 at 20h17

After over eight years of maintaining this web site it's time for me to move on, so I am stepping aside. I thank all of you who supported this site and kept me going.

The site will be in a transitional phase over the next little while. Until a firm transition is made, I will still be making needed updates, but without any Calgary tournaments until the WCSC at the end of September there won't be many.

As announced at the club recently I have also stepped down as a Director of the Calgary club. The parting is amicable (else I wouldn't still be doing this web site :-)), but now it's time for me to become "just a player".

You'll still see me around the club and in tournaments of course, and I'll even continue to help out with minor tasks when needed.

It's been challenging, but fun!