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Results sumitted to NSA

Posted by Juraj P on Sun November 27, 2005 at 11h32

On a final note, the results have been submitted to the NSA so that the tournament is rated in a timely fashion.

Thanks goes to Siri Tillekeratne for doing a stellar job organizing the event, and calling players etc. It takes an awful lot of work BEFORE the day of the event to make a successful tournament. Thanks to Estelle for hosting the event, and doing some extra cleanup at the end. The venue cost is about 1/10th what it would be at a hotel. And thanks to Randall Thomas for helping with the pairing software, Betty Bergeron for all of her hard work, and everyone else that assisted in the tournament.

We hope to see you on Thursday nights, as usual, but also at our next weekend event, the 20th Annual Winter Tournament.