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Back on board

Posted by Randall T on Thu March 16, 2006 at 22h53
It's been a while since I've scrabbled the tiles on my autorack, but it's good to be around again...

1. Kudos to Juraj and Christine for doing a frabjous job on the website. While Juraj is splitting his brainpower between chess and Scrabble®, he's still found time to do the maintenance and programming. If anyone would like to see other features added or linked, please let as know. I already put in a request for player ratings...

2. ..speaking of which, congratulations to Jeff Fleetham and Wayne Clifford, who finished 2 & 3 in Vancouver and both went over the 1800 mark. It's the first time in some while that two Albertans have been over that mark since Albert Hahn and Mark Schellenberg did it a few years back.

3. This news board is for everyone to post items, so by all means if you want to write articles on recent games, thoughts on the new words, or strategy, please do so. If you'd rather someone else wrote on topics of interest, please ask.

4. As for the new words, it's too early for me to tell, but it looks like everyone's average score may go up with the addition of the new 2s. Personally, I feel totally out of the loop, since I've not had a chance to study, and for that reason I won't be playing in any tournaments for a while. I guess the club sessions will have to sharpen me up. It almost feels like coming to the game for the first time because of the uncertainly involved -- sort of like defeating all your friends and family and coming to the club for the first time only to learn there are secret plays, consequences for challenging, and so on. I'm actually glad the game keeps evolving, because it can help keep the mind sharp learning new lists, adapting strategies and such.