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not exactly the minutes...

Posted by Randall T on Sat March 25, 2006 at 12h46
but here are some recent topics of discussion at our Directors' Meeting of March 23rd:

1. two new categories for the Spring and Summer tourneys will be High Bingo and High Non-bingo using the new words.

2. the annual awards dinner is slated for April 29th, although the venue is still to be nailed down. Players in contention for awards are: Arthur Milne, Juraj Pivovarov, Shannon Burns, Mike Ebanks, Wayne Clifford, Albert Hahn, Siri Tillekeratne, Gita Nayak, Paul Sidorsky, Wendy McGrath, Jason Krueger and Darlene Kendel. Please come and support our players and recognize their achievements.

3. 11th Western Canadian Scrabble® Championship:
- with the grateful assistance of Juraj, Christine & Jesse, we hope to have player profiles (or links to same) for those already registered.
- we will add a class prize to divisions 1, 2 & 3 and 2 class prizes to division 4 for added rewards.

4. In the past, there have been major last-minute disruptions to our tournament registration lists, thanks to people waffling or sniffing around to see which division they will play in. In an attempt to curb this, starting with the June tourney, local entrants will have until 6:30 pm on the Thursday prior to a tourney (except the WCSC) to decide. NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS TIME except in very unusual circumstances (eg. Joe Edley pops in on Friday to play).
Players who withdraw after this deadline, without reasonable circumstances (eg. family emergency), will forfeit their entry fees. A sudden social or work conflict is NOT reasonable, since registrants have the choice of which event to attend.