Calgary Scrabble Group


Enhanced Ratings

Posted by Paul S on Wed April 14, 1999 at 0h00

Ratings from the Spring tournament have now been posted. In addition, the ratings page has been further enhanced!.

Several enhancements have been made. The first is the promised replacement of the Best Averages category with the Most Consistent players, a tricky statistic that won't be described here. It is more reflective of a player's long-term ability and does not favour the higher rated players. The second addition is the inclusion of Overall Club Statistics! This allows you to see figures like the number of rated members and the average club rating. Of particular interest will be the Overall Change From Last Tournament figure - when this goes up, it means our club is improving! The third improvement is the addition of a second Top Gainers table for the entire year for long-term gains, to accompany the existing three-month (short-term gain) table.

This leaves the rating page more-or-less complete, as I cannot think of any other categories to add. However, suggestions are welcome, of course!