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Randall Thomas wins 24th Annual Summer Tournament

Posted by Juraj P on Mon June 11, 2007 at 14h42


Randall Thomas won the 24th Annual Summer Tournament in Calgary, AB. He finished with 12/14, a full 3 points ahead of everyone else. Shannon Burns and Paul Sidorsky finished in 2nd and 3rd with 9 wins each.

In Division 2, Gabriel Wong had 'the best tournament of his life' and took 1st place with 12/14. He was seated in the middle of the division at the start. Wesley Yocom had an amazing tournament as well, finishing in 2nd with 10/14, not bad for his first time in Division 2! Monique Kornell from Tucson and Wendy McGrath scored 10/14 as well, getting 3rd and 4th place. The fifth place prize went to Bill Payne with 9/10.

In Division 3, unrated newcomer Christian Jurlando scored 11/14, beating out Ben Settle and Louis Fernandes on the spread to take 1st place. Following them was Marion Dimond with 9/14.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Tournament Organizer Siri Tillekeratne for putting in so much time advertising the event and calling members. His work really paid off with such a high turnout for this event. It even included seven out-of-town players. Our Calgary club is one of the most attended clubs and that's thanks to the promotional efforts of Siri. I would like to also thank Directors Wayne and Randall for their help with the tourney.

We thank Betty and Paul for entering the round by round stats, Sandy for bringing donuts on Sunday, and Sylvia, Estelle, and others for bringing all the great food. Estelle very generously arranges for her building to allow us to play scrabble tournaments there, and is responsible for the clean up afterwards each time. Thanks goes to her and all those that helped tidy up.

The results have been sent to the NSA for rating updates. Please see Rating Updates on cross-tables.com for a sneak preview at the rating updates.