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Sick & Tired ?

Posted by Randall T on Fri March 21, 2008 at 11h11
Feeling run down? Feeling tired? Are you sneezing, coughing and buzzing with germs? Then please stay away from any club night or tournament.

Please and thank you.

Several people were absent from the club this past Thursday (March 20th) due to various stages of colds or flus which they seemed to acquire either at the Edmonton tournament or on the drive. While nothing can be done should anyone develop a cold during play, people should at least give other players the courtesy of continual hygiene and simple things like covering sneezes and coughs. (if you sneeze into your hand, wash it before touching tiles; bring handi-wipes with you; wear a mask.)

I would rather see a delayed start in a tournament because someone withdrew out of consideration for their opponents than risk others getting sick through your dogged determination to 'tough it out.'

Many people in our club are getting on in years and become more susceptible to germs and viruses. Please respect them and stay home.