Calgary Scrabble Group


Tournament Info. Update

Posted by Paul S on Fri April 02, 1999 at 0h00

The online tournament brochures have been updated with the proper divisional cut-offs.

In conjunction with this update, the division plan has been expanded to cover multi-day tournaments. A clear policy with regard to rating cut-offs and who can play up has been established. Club members will receive a copy of this web page at our session next Thursday.

Quick note: The missing results from the last group of the March 11th Ladder have been fixed. (This involved recompiling the results from that date until the present, which is why later results bear a new "Last Updated" date; however only statistics affected by these results have actually changed.)

Quick note: I have removed references to the Virtual Tour for the time being. This is a rather ambitious project that I intend to complete at some point, but it will take a long time for me to do so.