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14th Annual Western Canadian Scrabble Ch

Posted by Siri T on Thu October 08, 2009 at 9h38

14th Annual Western Canadian Scrabble Championships

Our 14th Annual Western Canadian Scrabble Championship (the biggest in Canada, and one of the foremost ones on the continent) is just two weeks away. So far we have about 100 Scrabble enthusiasts from 5 Canadian provinces and 10 American states, from as far away as Florida, Maryland and New York. We especially like to give a warm welcome to the 70 out-of towners who are coming all the way to Calgary in spite of the economic downturn and the availability of many other fine tournaments.

We certainly hope you enjoy our 37 rounds of Scrabble over 5 days. But even more, we're sure you'll come to love our well-known hospitality and camaraderie, and have a good time irrespective of how you do at the tournament. And we hope you take many pleasant memories back with you and come back again, with some friends.

The Directors and members of the Calgary Scrabble Club
NASPA Club #374

Transit Info

The tournament is at the Coast Plaza Hotel, situated closest to the Marlborough CTrain station, and about a 10 min walk away. Transit Map

Adult fares in the city are $2.50

Tournament Schedule

OCTOBER 21-25, 2009

Coast Plaza Hotel and Conf. Centre
1316 33rd St. NE
Phone: (403) 248-8888
Calgary, AB

Early Birds: Oct 21, 22
Main Event:  Oct 23, 24, 25

EB1:         Wednesday 9:00 A.M. 8 rounds
EB2:         Thursday  9:00 A.M. 8 rounds
MAIN, DAY 1: Friday    9:00 A.M. 8 rounds 
MAIN, DAY 2: Saturday  9:00 A.M. 8 rounds 
MAIN, DAY 3: Sunday    9:00 A.M. 5 rounds 

  Siri Tillekeratne 
  16 Cedarwood Pl. SW, 
  Calgary, AB 
  T2W 3G6 
  (403) 281-2459