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Magic in Reno

Posted by Juraj on Wed January 19, 2011 at 21h03

Albert, Paul, Eric and I were in Reno for their recent MLK 2011 event, and had a great time. While there, we saw a once in a lifetime game from experts Jerry Lerman and Kenji Matsumoto. Jerry started off with 6 bingos, played FIX (39), and then two more bingos and the game was done. In the meantime Kenji hit three bingos himself, including a triple-triple. Oddly enough, Jerry didn't even see a blank. 11 bingos and 5 short words played in all. Here's a shot of that amazing game and the score sheet!

Final score 671-450.

As for us, here is a link to the final results of the Main Event. Eric finished in the middle of the top "serious" division and Albert and Paul had 11/19 while I had 12/19 and finished 6th in the "fun" division.