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Site Update

Posted by Paul S on Sat June 19, 1999 at 0h00

Some small items to bring to you, so I thought it was best to condense them all into one news item.

First of all, I wish to apologize for being tardy with the updates to the Ladder Archive over the last two weeks. I'm (finally) concluding my high school courses this week and have been busy studying. June 17th results are now online.

Secondly, the ratings from the Summer Tournament are now online. Great turnaround time - 11 days! Unfortunately, I forgot to get the ratings from Swift Current, SK so these will simply blended into the most recent ratings.

Lastly, starting next week I will be working on some significant enhancements to the site. Noteable additions will be the completion of the Word List and Links pages, which are way overdue. Also, watch for the comeback of the Out-of-Town Tournament Results page! I used to maintain this during the early days of the original site, but it became too difficult to keep up on the results. However, with the Internet being used a lot more in results reporting, I will be able to track our players more easily, even if it takes a few weeks. Some other changes are planned, too, but I don't want to detail everything.