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Alternative Route to Club from the South

Posted by Paul on Wed February 02, 2011 at 7h59

As those (like me) who drive to club from the south on Thursdays know, Crowchild Trail has been a nightmare the last couple of weeks, due in no small part to 14th Street being closed near downtown.

This closure will continue for at least a couple more weeks, so I suggest finding an alternative route to club, unless of course you actually enjoy being stuck in traffic for 40 minutes! Here is one possibility:

  • Northbound Macleod Trail through downtown to Riverfront Ave (the very end of Macleod Trail)
  • Left on Riverfront Ave to Centre Street
  • Right on lower deck of the Centre Street Bridge to Memorial Drive
  • Left on Memorial Drive to 19th Street NW
  • Right on 19th Street to club

This avoids going through all of downtown, which may not be clear. I've taken this route on occasion when running errands, and it was only about 5 minutes longer than the regular (non-congested) Crowchild way. By 6:30pm Macleod and Memorial are typically mostly clear.

Lastly, all club members are reminded to leave early and arrive close to 6:45pm to give time to be fit into the ladder. If you think you might be later than this, PHONE AHEAD (the club venue number is 403-283-3720, someone should pick up) and your spot on the ladder will be held.

Arriving unannounced just at - or after - 7pm causes disruptions and delays as the ladder is rejigged. Also, if you arrive after 7pm you will receive a bye if we're odd, and it may not count towards your regular bye total, depending on circumstances. Plus you may also be forced to play lower than your spot on the ladder if play has started or if it otherwise would cause too much disruption.