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Cgy Spring Tnmt: Eric Tran and Sylvia King win

Posted by Juraj on Sun March 27, 2011 at 16h29
Div 1:

    1st Eric Tran
    2nd Juraj Pivovarov
    3rd Wayne Clifford
    Most spots climbed: Danny Panganiban and Huguette Settle.

    High Win        584              Eric Tran over Danny Panganiban
    High Loss       452              Eric Tran to Juraj Pivovarov
    High Bingo      HEADWAYS(158)    Juraj Pivovarov vs Eric Tran
    High Non Bingo  QUOIT(78)        Juraj Pivovarov
    Comeback Kid    123              Eric Tran vs Siri Tillekeratne
    Bingo Ace       34               Eric Tran

Div 2:
    1st Sylvia King
    2nd Terri Morigeau
    3rd Ben Settle
    4th Estelle Matthews
    Most spots climbed: Grace Harris.
    High Win        505              Ben Settle over Sylvia King
    High Loss       384              Grace Harris to Betsy Chai
    High Bingo      SQUEAKS(105)     Dorothy Klovan vs Ben Settle
    High Non Bingo  QUAG(97)         Sylvia King vs Estelle Matthews
    Comeback Kid    81               Dorothy Klovan vs Ben Settle
    Bingo Ace       20               Maureen Clifford

Three closest wins and losses:
Living on the Edge: 1, 1, 18.  Estelle Matthews.
Tough Luck: -8, -14, -17.  Velora Piltingsrud
The tournament has been submitted to NASPA for ratings, and complete results will be visible there.
Calgary Spring Tournament, Results and Ratings