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Can-Am 2011 Games

Posted by Juraj on Sun April 03, 2011 at 8h08
The Can-Am 2011 games scores are now available.

Can-Am Games 2011

There are a few errors in them, and one or two games where we only had racks from one side. John Chew's software has made corrections where possible (one side leaves LR but then inconsistently has AAAIIII for the next rack).

A set of uncorrected games, quackle *.gcg files, in a zip is available for download as well.

Thanks to the volunteers for annotating the games: Allan Simon, Wayne Clifford, and Betty Bergeron. Randall Thomas transcribed the messy games, drew in boards where possible, and made them decipherable. Eric Tran and Juraj Pivovarov typed them all in. Robin Pollock Daniel sent us *.gcg files immediately after the games were done - hi tech! - and super time-saving. And thanks to John Chew for posting them for us on NASPA's site.