Calgary Scrabble Group


Out of Room!

Posted by Paul S on Sat July 31, 1999 at 0h00

First the bad news: I've run out of room to store this site! This site has just about reached the 5MB of web space that my ISP allows, due mainly to the large size of the Ladder Archive.

The good news? My ISP also allows each customer 3 accounts! Thus, I still have another 5MB available to be used. So, there's nothing to worry about right now. However, there is one change which you need to be aware of:

New results in the Ladder Archive will be stored in the other account. As a result, the URL for these pages will have the following format: http://members.home.net/club374/ladders/yyyy/mmmdd.html. A complete explanation of this format can be found on the main Ladder Archive page (linked above). The only reason I am evening mentioning the new URL format is because some people (including myself) like to type in the URL when accessing new results in the archive. If you use the index, however, you won't notice a difference!

To ensure that I have enough breathing room on my main account for other site updates (tournament results, new pages, etc.), all July ladder pages have been moved to the other account and thus use the new URL format shown above. Please note this change if you are accessing recent results.

Please be aware that is is possible that other pages may be moved to the other account in the future. Normally, this will be an entirely seamless transition, although sometimes you may need to update your bookmarks. At this time, however, there are no plans to move any pages, as I have left quite a bit of room on the old account which should be sufficient for several years.

Lastly, although this solution will work for a while, it is somewhat awkward. Thus, I would like to ask anybody who knows where I could get CHEAP web storage to please come forward and let me know! I'm looking for something along the lines of 20MB, 1 email account, FTP uploading - very basic, for hopefully a very basic price. Please remember that we're a Canadian club and as such any storage provider we deal with must allow Canadian accounts. Also, no suggestions for free storage providers, please! I know these places are available, but I refuse to have this site or its users' desktops altered to accomodate advertising.