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Under Construction

Posted by Paul S on Tue January 19, 1999 at 0h00

The new site has taken longer to develop than I expected, so I have reluctantly left out some areas in order to bring the site online sooner. Areas from the original site that are currently under construction are the Ladder Archive, Tournament Results Archive. (Marathon results have been placed online, however.) I know these areas are popular so I am working to get them online as soon as possible. Some new areas, like the Virtual Tour, Word Lists page, Misc. Page (and related files, which are referenced in some areas), and Links Page have also not yet been completed. Some areas will be completed within a week or less, while detailed areas like the Virtual Tour may not be online for at least a month. Watch this news page to find out when new areas come online.

Throughout the rest of the web site you may run into incomplete sections. All areas under construction are clearly marked with the graphic shown to the right, with the incomplete sections described for your benefit. Also, I am hoping to add some more small graphics soon (like graphical titles for each page) but for now text will do.