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Do scrabble players' brains work differently?

Posted by Juraj on Mon June 25, 2012 at 9h21

In 2011, researchers from the University of Calgary published a paper in the journal "Memory and Cognition" showing that adult word recognition systems can be made more efficient with experience - specifically, scrabble experience. Some of you may recall that this brought significant media attention to the game and to our club.

The research team, including club member Peter Sargious, is now interested in examining whether experience with Scrabble is associated with demonstrable differences in brain activity. Peter and Dr. Pexman presented to the club on Thursday and distributed the attached flyer. For anyone who is interested, enrollment and testing will begin this summer. Please contact the research team directly (see flyer for phone and e-mail) with questions and/or expressions of interest.

SCRABBLE Recruitment EEGfMRI_V2.pdf