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Minor Ladder Change

Posted by Paul S on Sat July 24, 1999 at 0h00

Once again I was tardy in updating the Ladder Archive (for the 22nd), so once again I offer my usual apology for that. This time the delay was caused by my having to make a tricky modification to the program that I didn't have time to do until today.

The modification involves a relatively rare detail, and although it was tricky from a technical standpoint, it involves a fairly straightforward situation. Since this situation happens from time to time (as it did on the 22nd) I'll explain it below. I've also updated the Ladder Page Help to note this new information.

Sometimes there will of course be an odd number of players when the groups are set with one group having a bye. However, the odd time a player will arrive late, making an even number. Since the players have already started playing, the latecomer is placed in the group that has a bye to even out the group, even though this group may not be the group in which the latecomer's ladder positions dictates he/she belongs.

When this occurs, the latecomer receives credit for all games played, but does NOT change positions in the ladder. This latter detail is where the new modification comes into play. A player who did not change position because he/she played in a different group to round out the field will feature the word EXEMPT beside their name, in the "Chg" column. Other players are positioned as if the exempted player was simply absent.