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Denver Results & Ratings

Posted by Paul S on Fri July 16, 1999 at 0h00

The results from the Denver, CO tournaments (which occured in mid-June) are now available in the Out of Town Results Archive. In additions, the Ratings Page has been updated with the post-Denver ratings. Both come courtesy of club member Randall Thomas.

As a result, the Out of Town Results section now has a new design! (Well, a design actually, since it's a new section.) It strongly resembles the News Archive in that tournaments are sorted by month, with each month having its own page. The index page (linked above) lists the month. It also lists recently added tournaments at the top so you can access new results a bit more quickly. (This is important because Out of Town tournament results are not always added in chronological order.) I think this design will work well for the Out of Town Results section, from both the user's viewpoint as well as from a maintenance perspective. Let me know what you think!

Quick note: As you'll notice, much of the recent news has now been moved to the News Archive, which makes both this page and the main index quite smaller. I apologize for letting it build up so badly! I kept having to make a bunch of small site updates and never had the time to keep things tidy.