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Canadian Open: Main - Eric Tran wins

Posted by Juraj on Wed October 22, 2014 at 16h37


Eric Tran won the Canadian Open with an impressive 16-5, +1826, almost a 1000 points ahead of 2nd place Dean Saldanha of Vancouver. Eric's average score was a whopping 450 per game.

In Div 2, Mike Ebanks made a huge comeback in the final game to win the division. He had a 15-6 record, one game ahead of the pack.

And in Div 3, Julie Kading dominated with 19-2, gaining 112 rating points.

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Division 1

High Game576Matt Larocque
High Game576Eric Tran
High Loss440Wayne Clifford to Eric Tran
High BingoOUTPACED (158)Randall Thomas vs Juraj Pivovarov
High Non BingoZYDECO (94)George Macaulay
Comeback Kid153Emil Rem vs Danny Panganiban
Bingo Ace48Eric Tran
Bingo Ace48Dean Saldanha

Division 2

High Game546Miriam Gregory vs Larry Barrett
High Loss454Miriam Gregory to Betsy Chai
High BingoFALCONET (131)George Latis vs Michelle Eisele
High Non BingoZONES (76)Michelle Eisele
Comeback Kid156Betsy Chai vs Miriam Gregory
Bingo Ace36Richard Charach

Division 3

High Game529Leila Rea
High Loss391Arthur Charach to Darlene Kendel
High BingoENQUIRES (114)Tanya Buhnai
High Non BingoZESTY (81)Bill Kinsella
Comeback Kid121Tanya Buhnai vs Leila Rea
Bingo Ace26Tanya Buhnai
Bingo Ace25Linda Pearn

Other Categories

Tough Luck (three closest losses)-2-2-5=-9Linda Pearn
Living on the edge (three closest wins)+2+3+9=+14Teresa Schaeffer