Calgary Scrabble Group


Club to Incorporate!

Posted by Paul S on Thu July 01, 1999 at 0h00

Following an 18 to 6 vote at our first ever General Meeting last night, the Calgary Scrabble® Group will become an incorporated Society in the Province of Alberta (i.e. a registered non-profit organization)!

22 members showed up at the meeting, with two others casting votes by proxy. The vote was held after a lively (and lengthy) discussion of the pros and cons.

To our knowledge, this is the first time a sanctioned Scrabble® club has pursued this option, although some clubs are incorporated as businesses (for-profit).

The attendees also chose a tentative incorporated name of "Calgary Lexicon Club", with the backup names of "Calgary Lexicon Game Club" and "Calgary Word Game Club" if the first name does not pass a trade name search.

For the average club member, Incorporation will mean very little. Our weekly meetings and monthly tournaments will not change. However, those that want to get more involved in the club will be able to do so via Meetings and Petitions, and even running for Directorship themselves. The biggest change most members will notice is the name they make their cheques out to will eventually change.

As developments occur on the road to incorporation, I will keep viewers of this site updated. I'm sure many from other clubs are interested to see how this turns out (though I must remind them that Canadian Law (and in particular Alberta Law) makes this option much more feasible than it might be elsewhere.)