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Danny Boy and Wendy McGrath play smashingly

Posted by Juraj on Sun June 05, 2016 at 20h35
Tournament results available on NASPA

Danny Panganiban won the very closely contested Div 1 with 8-6, +350. He hit BUCKLING(110) to cement his win in the final round. Three players finished with 8-6, three with 6-8. In Division Two, Wendy McGrath dominated the whole event, and finished with a very strong 12-2. Bravo!


Division 1

High Game536Mike Ebanks vs Siri Tillekeratne
High Loss407Juraj Pivovarov to Danny Panganiban
High BingoBUCKLING(110)Danny Panganiban vs Juraj Pivovarov
High Non BingoJIAO(80)Siri Tillekeratne vs Juraj Pivovarov
Comeback Kid60Juraj Pivovarov vs Danny Panganiban
Low Win327Danny Panganiban vs Emil Rem
Bingo Ace28Juraj Pivovarov

Division 2

High Game544Vish Wimalasena vs Linda Slater
High Loss432Daisy Bailey to Terri Morigeau
High BingoTRICKING(102)Vish Wimalasena vs Daisy Bailey
High Non BingoHOAX(85)Richard Martin vs Terri Morigeau
Comeback Kid116Terri Morigeau vs Richard Martin
Bingo Ace22Vish Wimalasena

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyBETWEENSEstelle Matthews vs Sylvia King. Turns out, its good in Collins. And Estelle plays both!
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-4 -11 -18 = -17Richard Martin
Living on the edge (three closest wins)2 +13 +14 = 30Bill Payne