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Terri Morigeau wins Div 2 in Marathon with 11-1

Posted by Juraj on Sun December 04, 2016 at 10h53

Terri Morigeau had a 1636 performance rating as she cruised to victory with an 11-1 record in Division Two, and netted 61 ratings points. She was gibsonized with three rounds left to go.

In Division One, Juraj Pivovarov won also with 11-1 record. It was a much more closely contested division, and with a big win, Randall Thomas could have still had first place.

Rod Weis came as a standby player to ensure there were no byes. As it turned out, the tournament was even without him, so he sat out. His daughter Elsje was a huge help inputting games during the first four rounds - she made sure we could all focus on our games instead of doing the bookkeeping. Thanks also to Randall and Michael for helping with the admin work. Wayne and Maureen were a big help getting there early to help set up and then do the tear down afterwards. Everyone just wants to go home, but there is often a lot of equipment to pack up and lug still.

I would like to personally thank everyone that brought such good food for all to share. The chocolate desserts were especially good, the brie and blue cheese was a treat, the spinach dips were both amazing. And I've left off half the other goodies that were there. Another big thank you to Noella Ward for providing a sandwich platter and veggie platter, it was sure nice to stay in for lunch during the shrot break.

We had players from Montana, Ontario, and Saskatchewan which helped make our tournament bigger and better. We appreciate your support for travelling such long distances.

This concludes another gruelling Marathon of 12 rounds in 1 day. Our next tournament is Jan 28th and 29th.

Division A Round 12 Standings

RankPrizeWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
1$30011–1+1119Pivovarov, Juraj (A1)W:432-431:A4
2$1909–3+720Thomas, Randall (A4)L:431-432:A1
3$1208–4+878Loo, Michael (A11)W:531-332:A12
4$807–5+190Macaulay, George (A2)W:524-270:A8
5$607–5−127Tillekeratne, Siri (A5)W:403-353:A6
66–6+93Krook, Dave (A12)L:332-531:A11
76–6−172Clifford, Wayne (A6)L:353-403:A5
86–6−211Ewing, Bill (A8)L:270-524:A2
96–6−270McGrath, Wendy (A15)W:422-398:A3
105–7+197Ebanks, Mike (A3)L:398-422:A15
115–7−287Payne, Bill (A13)W:375-303:A14
125–7−419Bergeron, Betty (A14)L:303-375:A13
134–8−138Petrie, Shauna (A9)W:419-265:A10
144–8−368Rem, Emil (A7)W:398-280:A16
154–8−704Ward, Noella (A10)L:265-419:A9
163–9−501Morris, Maureen (A16)L:280-398:A7

Division B Round 12 Standings

RankPrizeWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
1$20011–1+875Morigeau, Terri (B1)L:318-393:B3
2$908–4+542Wimalasena, Vish (B5)W:429-363:B2
3$507–5+159Slater, Linda (B6)W:402-267:B10
47–5+149Kinsella, Erin (B2)L:363-429:B5
56–6+458Clifford, Maureen (B3)W:393-318:B1
66–6−285Carnes, Jesse (B10)L:267-402:B6
75–7−262Gilbert, Douglas:AA006487 (B4)L:291-363:B8
85–7−428Matthews, Estelle (B8)W:363-291:B4
93–9−613Mckay, Tom (B9)L:335-381:B7
102–10−595Klovan, Dorothy (B7)W:381-335:B9


Division 1

High Game571David Krook vs Shauna Petrie
High Loss431Randall Thomas to Juraj Pivovarov
High BingoCAROUSEL(149)Randall Thomas vs David Krook
High Non BingoBISQUE(87)Bill Payne vs George Macaulay
Comeback Kid167Juraj Pivovarov vs George Macaulay
Low Win331Maureen Morris vs Noella Ward
Bingo Ace25Michael Loo

Division 2

High Game464Erin Kinsella vs Jesse Carnes
High Loss382Vish Wimalasena to Erin Kinsella
High BingoDIVORCED(92)Linda Slater vs Dorothy Klovan
High Non BingoAZINE(72)Erin Kinsella vs Vish Wimalasena
Comeback Kid61Jesse Carnes vs Maureen Clifford
Bingo Ace17Vish Wimalasena

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyTOPGEARMaureen Morris vs Bill Payne. See also: PORTAGE!
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-4 -10 -11 = -25Maureen Clifford
Living on the edge (three closest wins)+1 +6 +11 = +18Wayne Clifford

          Div 1               16                   $60.00     $960.00
          Div 2               10                   $50.00     $500.00
          Scrabble Club Subsidy                               $138.45
          TOTAL                                             $1,598.45
          NASPA               26x12x1.35(exch)/2              $210.00
          Div 1               1st                 $300.00     
                              2nd                 $190.00     
                              3rd                 $120.00     
                              4th                  $80.00      
                              5th                  $60.00      
                              Categories           $80.00     $830.00
          Div 2               1st                 $200.00     
                              2nd                  $90.00      
                              3rd                  $50.00      
                              Categories           $80.00     $420.00
          Room Rental                                          $50.00
          Stationery ($0.50 per player)                        $18.00
          Horse and Decal                                      $15.00
          Standby Player                                       $30.00
          Coffe, cups, etc,                                    $25.45
          TOTAL                                             $1,598.45