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Ladder Archive Construction

Posted by Paul S on Wed August 11, 1999 at 0h00

The results from last week, and likely from this week, will be delayed while the Ladder Archive undergoes some more upgrading! When completed, here's what you can expect:

  • Expanded Statistics - Scoring averages and positions will have decimal points and overall spreads will be tracked. These are minor enhancements which should have been there from the beginning. In addition, each player will have their top five high scores stored, which will allow those who get several decent scores to appear multiple times on the Achievers boards.
  • Hall of Fame - Want to know who's had the best single-night scoring average or who holds the longest winning streak ever? With the Hall of Fame, you'll be able to find out! Various categories will be featured in the Hall of Fame, so you can find out how your special performances stack up against those of the past. Of particular interest will be the 500 Club and the even more illustrious 600 Club, where anybody reaching these scores will receive a permanent mention. Unlike the rest of the pages, the Hall of Fame will be a single page that is updated weekly, and will not be archived from week-to-week. (Unfortunately, because our season lengths vary, it won't be possible to track things like most wins in a single season.)

The good news is that the above improvements will be retroactive, meaning that all results since the new Ladder Archive was started in January will be factored in, and will be elegible for the Hall of Fame! The bad news is that doing this takes some time, so that's why the results will be delayed.