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The Rock wins SUMMER, Betty Div 2, Shirley Div 3

Posted by Juraj on Sun June 03, 2018 at 21h35

Matt Larocque gave a very convincing performance to win the tournament, including a fine 654 game. Three players were at 9 wins and guaranteed 1st 2nd and 3rd as the others were at 7 wins going into the final. Huguette (9-4) lost to Matt (9-4) and Juraj (9-4) lost to Mimmo (7-6). This was an incredible tournament for Huguette, with a 1671 performance and a real shot at 1st place. Well done.

In Division Two, Betty came out on top with a full two games above the rest. 11-3 was the best record of the tournament. Terri finished strongly and squeezed into 2nd place after a rough start on Saturday afternoon. Maureen was third and had the second highest spread in the division. All those bingos add up! Doug and Linda played in Div 2 for the first time, and despite finishing low, each had 5 wins and in fact gained a few rating points.

Shirley Simon won Div C with 10-4 +480 and picked up some 40 rating points. Sylvia King (2nd) and Gladys Wilson (3rd) were three games ahead of the rest, and both deserve honorable mention.

Rod did the lion's share of the tournament administration - but Juraj and Randall helped with a few rounds. As players we take it for granted, but while we're having coffee, snacks and breaks, regaling a captive listener with our bingos, someone is typing in all the results, and printing out the standings and pairings. Thanks for taking such good care of us, Rod.

And we couldn't have these tournaments at such low cost, and return so much as prizes, were it not for Estelle and the wonderful space at Sierras of Heritage. We are indebted.

Wayne and Maureen were a huge help in this tournament - as always to bring all the equipment and keep tabs on what we are running out of. We need scoresheets, tally slips, challenge slips, printer toner, etc. It all takes time to manage. And while many of us sneak home straight after the event, they're loading and unloading the equipment, and making sure the trolley gets returned to the building. Not to mention showing up early for setup. It's really thankless work and is never mentioned. But we all benefit from it. Also the great pairing system for 16 players over 14 rounds was Wayne's brainchild. It was every effective.

Siri puts in a lot of PR work when travelling, and many visitors are here because of that work. Also, he once again hosted many out-of-towners. That too takes time, and selfless energy.

And a final big thank you to all those who travelled from afar for our tournament. I didn't count but it seems like HALF the players from out of town. BC, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, New Mexico. You are stars. To all those who brought snacks for everyone to share - YUMMY! It was sure nice to have a little energy boost between games. We are grateful you shared with us.

                             CALGARY, AB, JUNE 2-3, 2018 
                               OLD                                                                                      PERF    NEW
      NAME                    RATING                            DIVISION 1 RESULTS                         WINS   SPR  RATING RATING
   1. LAROCQUE, MATTHEW        1530  W-10 W-12 W-11 L-05 W-16 W-13 L-02 W-09 L-07 W-06 W-04 W-08 L-03 W-03  10   +938   1758   1575 $200
   2. PIVOVAROV, JURAJ         1709  W-14 L-05 W-16 L-03 W-10 L-12 W-01 W-08 W-04 W-15 W-07 L-09 W-05 L-04   9   +246   1649   1697 $130
   3. SETTLE, HUGUETTE         1390  W-06 W-04 L-08 W-02 W-09 L-07 W-05 L-16 W-13 W-11 W-12 L-10 W-01 L-01   9   +180   1671   1449 $70
   4. ROSSI, MIMMO             1490  W-11 L-03 W-10 L-13 W-14 W-05 L-07 W-15 L-02 W-08 L-01 L-06 W-06 W-02   8   +684   1585   1510 $50
   5. BRAY, MICHAEL            1337  W-15 W-02 L-09 W-01 L-06 L-04 L-03 W-11 L-12 W-16 W-13 W-14 L-02 W-08   8    -84   1586   1389 $70 (PERF)
   6. REM, EMIL                1489  L-03 L-10 W-12 W-14 W-05 W-16 L-09 W-07 L-15 L-01 L-08 W-04 L-04 W-10   7   +264   1463   1483
   7. EBANKS, MIKE             1619  W-16 L-13 W-14 W-12 L-11 W-03 W-04 L-06 W-01 L-09 L-02 L-15 L-08 W-12   7   +212   1472   1588
   8. THOMAS, RANDALL          1553  L-12 L-11 W-03 W-16 W-13 W-14 L-15 L-02 W-09 L-04 W-06 L-01 W-07 L-05   7    +24   1469   1535
   9. KARRIS, JOHN             1642  L-13 L-14 W-05 L-11 L-03 L-10 W-06 L-01 L-08 W-07 W-15 W-02 W-16 W-13   7   -174   1446   1601
  10. WARD, NOELLA             1387  L-01 W-06 L-04 L-15 L-02 W-09 L-16 L-13 W-14 W-12 W-11 W-03 W-13 L-06   7   -340   1457   1402
  11. CLIFFORD, WAYNE          1426  L-04 W-08 L-01 W-09 W-07 L-15 L-14 L-05 L-16 L-03 L-10 W-12 W-14 W-15   6    -77   1375   1415
  12. SARGIOUS, PETER          1429  W-08 L-01 L-06 L-07 W-15 W-02 W-13 L-14 W-05 L-10 L-03 L-11 W-15 L-07   6   -244   1398   1422
  13. WIMALASENA, VISH         1300  W-09 W-07 W-15 W-04 L-08 L-01 L-12 W-10 L-03 W-14 L-05 L-16 L-10 L-09   6   -481   1380   1317
  14. TILLEKERATNE, SIRI       1376  L-02 W-09 L-07 L-06 L-04 L-08 W-11 W-12 L-10 L-13 W-16 L-05 L-11 W-16   5   -282   1261   1352
  15. FLEETHAM, JEFF           1568  L-05 L-16 L-13 W-10 L-12 W-11 W-08 L-04 W-06 L-02 L-09 W-07 L-12 L-11   5   -341   1274   1506
  16. MCGRATH, WENDY           1273  L-07 W-15 L-02 L-08 L-01 L-06 W-10 W-03 W-11 L-05 L-14 W-13 L-09 L-14   5   -525   1287   1276
                               OLD                                                                                      PERF    NEW
      NAME                    RATING                            DIVISION 2 RESULTS                         WINS   SPR  RATING RATING
   1. BERGERON, BETTY          1116  L-05 W-06 W-09 W-07 W-03 W-02 L-04 W-10 W-08 W-05 L-03 W-02 W-04 W-07  11   +663   1526   1203 $150
   2. MORIGEAU, TERRI          1078  W-10 W-08 W-03 W-04 L-07 L-01 L-06 W-09 L-05 W-07 W-09 L-01 W-03 W-03   9   +311   1290   1124 $100
   3. CLIFFORD, MAUREEN        1206  W-09 W-10 L-02 L-05 L-01 W-08 W-07 W-06 L-04 W-04 W-01 W-05 L-02 L-02   8   +429   1184   1202  $70
   4. PAYNE, BILL              1202  L-06 W-07 W-05 L-02 W-09 W-10 W-01 L-08 W-03 L-03 L-05 W-07 L-01 W-05   8   +371   1190   1200
   5. WEIS, RODNEY             1093  W-01 W-09 L-04 W-03 W-08 W-06 W-10 L-07 W-02 L-01 W-04 L-03 L-06 L-04   8   -186   1216   1120
   6. EYOLFSON, JASON          1163  W-04 L-01 W-08 L-09 L-10 L-05 W-02 L-03 L-07 L-09 W-08 L-10 W-05 W-09   6    -64    950   1118
   7. SETTLE, BEN              1153  W-08 L-04 L-10 L-01 W-02 L-09 L-03 W-05 W-06 L-02 W-10 L-04 L-08 L-01   5    -16    894   1099
   8. MARTIN, RICHARD          1116  L-07 L-02 L-06 L-10 L-05 L-03 W-09 W-04 L-01 L-10 L-06 W-09 W-07 W-10   5   -313    865   1064
   9. GILBERT, DOUGLAS          877  L-03 L-05 L-01 W-06 L-04 W-07 L-08 L-02 W-10 W-06 L-02 L-08 W-10 L-06   5   -386    917    885
  10. SLATER, LINDA             903  L-02 L-03 W-07 W-08 W-06 L-04 L-05 L-01 L-09 W-08 L-07 W-06 L-09 L-08   5   -809    915    906
                               OLD                                                                                      PERF    NEW
      NAME                    RATING                            DIVISION 3 RESULTS                         WINS   SPR  RATING RATING
   1. SIMON, SHIRLEY            824  L-02 L-03 W-04 L-06 W-05 W-02 W-03 W-04 W-06 W-05 W-02 W-06 L-03 W-03  10   +480   1018    862 $110
   2. KING, SYLVIA              839  W-01 W-06 W-05 W-04 L-03 L-01 W-06 L-05 W-04 L-03 L-01 W-04 W-05 W-04   9   +141    914    854  $65
   3. WILSON, GLADYS            812  L-04 W-01 W-06 W-05 W-02 L-04 L-01 L-06 W-05 W-02 L-06 W-05 W-01 L-01   8   +174    803    810
   4. KENDEL, DARLENE           770  W-03 W-05 L-01 L-02 L-06 W-03 L-05 L-01 L-02 W-06 L-05 L-02 W-06 L-02   5    -66    524    719
   5. MATTHEWS, ESTELLE         661  L-06 L-04 L-02 L-03 L-01 W-06 W-04 W-02 L-03 L-01 W-04 L-03 L-02 W-06   5   -125    546    638
   6. MAGNUSSON, DORIS          470  W-05 L-02 L-03 W-01 W-04 L-05 L-02 W-03 L-01 L-04 W-03 L-01 L-04 L-05   5   -604    590    505


Division 1

High Game654Matt Larocque vs Noella Ward
High Loss428Matt Larocque to Juraj Pivovarov
High BingoTRAVOISE(185)Juraj Pivovarov vs Mike Ebanks
High Non BingoHOAX(85)Huguette Settle vs Mimmo Rossi
Comeback Kid129Noella Ward vs Siri Tillekeratne
Low Win318Wendy McGrath vs Wayne Clifford
Bingo Ace30Matt Larocque

Division 2

High Game462Bill Payne vs Rod Weis
High Loss398Jason Eyolfson to Linda Slater
High BingoQUASHED(97)Betty Bergeron vs Jason Eyolfson
High Non BingoJUST(77)Rod Weis vs Linda Slater
Comeback Kid127Terri Morigeau vs Doug Gilbert
Low Win295Richard Martin vs Ben Settle
Bingo Ace23Maureen Clifford

Division 3

High Game472Darlene Kendel vs Doris Magnusson
High Loss374Darlene Kendel to Estelle Matthews
High Bingo???(85)Darlene Kendel vs Shirley Simon
High Non BingoZITIS(73)Gladys Wilson vs Estelle Matthews
Comeback Kid119Shirley Simon vs Darlene Kendel
Low Win309Estelle Matthews vs Doris Magnusson
Bingo Ace0This prize went unclaimed and will go to the club.

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyKJELLRod Weis vs Maureen Clifford
Most Unusual Acceptable WordBHELPURIMike Ebanks vs Siri Tillekeratne ... To remember it, there are three nines in: BEHILPRSU
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-1 -2 -10 = -13Gladys Wilson
Living on the edge (three closest wins)+1 +2 +14 = +17Doris Magnusson