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Emil Rem wins Winter, Terri Morigeau wins Div 2

Posted by Juraj on Sun January 27, 2019 at 21h55

Emil Rem won the Winter Tournament, with a win over George Macaulay in the final round. Both were at 9-5 going into the final, a full three games ahead of the rest of the pack. He credits his win to "playing for the love of the words, and not by cramming with flashcards and mnemonics". Wendy McGrath sorted out the competition of the remaining six, after she won in round 14 while the nearest to catch her, Wayne, did not.

In divison two, Terri Morigeau finished in first with an impressive 12-2 record. Rod Weis was second with 9-5 and Laverne had a monster tournament to finish 9-5 herself and take 3rd place. Honourable mention goes to Estelle Matthews, who finished with 8-6, also playing well above her rating.

New Ratings are up on the NASPA website.

Division A Round 14 Standings
Rnk Won-Lost Spread Player                 Last Game
  1 11.0-3.0   +479 Rem, Emil (A2)         W:372-305:A1 $$$
  2 10.0-4.0   +802 Macaulay, George (A1)  L:305-372:A2 $$
  3 7.0-7.0    -155 McGrath, Wendy (A8)    W:398-375:A7 $
  4 6.0-8.0    +172 Clifford, Wayne (A3)   L:333-521:A4
  5 6.0-8.0     -95 Gauthier, Kevin (A5)   W:387-371:A6
  6 6.0-8.0    -529 Tam, Nicholas (A4)     W:521-333:A3
  7 5.0-9.0    -172 Payne, Bill (A6)       L:371-387:A5
  8 5.0-9.0    -502 Clifford, Maureen (A7) L:375-398:A8
Division B Round 14 Standings
Rnk Won-Lost Spread Player                 Last Game
  1 12.0-2.0   +749 Morigeau, Terri (B2)   L:321-452:B1 $$$
  2 9.0-5.0    +823 Weis, Rodney (B1)      W:452-321:B2 $$
  3 9.0-5.0    +108 Brookes, Laverne (B5)  L:306-315:B6 $
  4 8.0-6.0    +528 Slater, Linda (B3)     L:297-385:B4
  5 8.0-6.0    +160 Matthews, Estelle (B6) W:315-306:B5
  6 4.0-10.0   -635 Kendel, Darlene (B4)   W:385-297:B3
  7 3.0-11.0   -795 Mckay, Tom (B8)        W:393-348:B7
  8 3.0-11.0   -938 Zeidler, Ava (B7)      L:348-393:B8


Division 1

High Game527George Macaulay vs Kevin Gauthier
High Loss425Kevin Gauthier to Maureen Clifford
High BingoWAIVERER(101)Emil Rem vs Maureen Clifford
High BingoSEDARIM(101)George Macaulay
High Non BingoQUAKE(76)Emil Rem vs Nicholas Tam
Comeback Kid102George Macaulay vs Maureen Clifford
Low Win346Wendy McGrath vs Kevin Gauthier
Bingo Ace28George Macaulay

Division 2

High Game536Rod Weis vs Laverne Brookes
High Loss388Rod Weis to Terri Morigeau
High BingoINQUIRES(113)Ava Zeidler vs Rod Weis
High Non BingoQI(64)Linda Slater
Comeback Kid174Rod Weis vs Ava Zeidler
Bingo Ace30Rod Weis

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyRAYGUNTom McKay vs Rod Weis
Most Unusual WordSYNOVIALEmil Rem vs Wayne Clifford
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-3 -5 -8 = -16Wayne Clifford
Living on the edge (three closest wins)1 +7 +8 = 16Maureen Clifford