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C. Sykes, R. Charach, and S. Simon win CO6

Posted by Juraj on Sun October 20, 2019 at 17h16

This year a very special thank you goes to Rod Weis who worked at our tournament for FIVE days straight, and only played in the second early bird. We are indebted to him - everything ran very smoothly and the rest of us could focus on our games instead of the many details needed to run the tournament. Thank you Rod, you did an outstanding job.

Also, Estelle is very generous to let us play at her home, and no doubt has to spend a lot of time with reservations, clean up, and the odd grumbles from neighbours. We could not afford to have the same 90% of entry fees returned were it not for her.

The Calgary Scrabble Club members supported the tournament with a donation of $1000. Each and every one of you makes this tournament possible, and makes it more welcoming to the many out of town guests, who incur numerous expenses to travel to Calgary.

Thank you to all for supporting our tournaments.

Division A
Rnk Won-Lost   Sprd Player                  Last Game
  1 14.0-7.0  +1446 Sykes, Christopher (A1) W:462-357:A5   $450
  2 14.0-7.0    +45 Krueger, Jason (A5)     L:357-462:A1   $250
  3 12.0-9.0   +720 Clifford, Wayne (A7)    W:395-373:A10  $160
  4 11.0-10.0  +197 Reece, Rhonda (A10)     L:373-395:A7   $150 Perf
  5 11.0-10.0   -89 Larocque, Matthew (A2)  L:353-412:A3
  6 10.0-11.0  -645 Sargious, Peter (A3)    W:412-353:A2
  7 9.5-11.5   -627 Tillekeratne, Siri (A6) W:445-425:A4
  8 8.0-13.0   -191 Tam, Nicholas (A9)      W:507-385:A8
  9 8.0-13.0   -425 Pivovarov, Juraj (A4)   L:425-445:A6
 10 7.5-13.5   -431 Rem, Emil (A8)          L:385-507:A9

Division B
Rnk Won-Lost   Sprd Player                Last Game
  1 14.0-7.0   +565 Charach, Richard (B1) W:437-363:B2    $325
  2 14.0-7.0   +427 Eyolfson, Jason (B7)  W:423-268:B9    $200
  3 13.0-8.0   +496 Bray, Michael (B2)    L:363-437:B1    $140
  4 12.0-9.0     +9 McGrath, Wendy (B4)   W:373-314:B3
  5 11.0-10.0  +169 Kinsella, Erin (B9)   L:268-423:B7    $125 Perf
  6 10.0-11.0  +433 Morigeau, Terri (B6)  W:398-353:B8
  7 10.0-11.0  +169 Payne, Bill (B3)      L:314-373:B4
  8 10.0-11.0  -437 Martin, Richard (B8)  L:353-398:B6
  9 8.0-13.0   -151 Brigliadori, Sue (B5) W:479-300:B10
 10 3.0-18.0  -1680 Slater, Linda (B10)   L:300-479:B5

Division C
Rnk Won-Lost   Sprd Player                 Last Game
  1 17.0-4.0   +861 Simon, Shirley (C3)    W:341-327:C2   $220
  2 13.0-8.0   +844 Barker, Danielle (C1)  W:433-329:C7   $150
  3 11.0-10.0  +729 Wilson, Gladys (C4)    L:330-378:C5   $120
  4 11.0-10.0  +685 Kendel, Darlene (C7)   L:329-433:C1   $100 Perf 
  5 10.0-11.0  -261 Middleton, Ken (C5)    W:378-330:C4
  6 10.0-11.0  -300 Matthews, Estelle (C8) W:379-259:C6
  7 9.0-12.0    -36 Bailey, Daisy (C2)     L:327-341:C3
  8 9.0-12.0  -1188 Charach, Arthur (C6)   L:259-379:C8
  9 8.0-13.0   -404 Mckay, Tom (C10)       W:340-322:C9
 10 7.0-14.0   -930 Potter, Pat (C9)       L:322-340:C10


Division 1

High Game578Juraj Pivovarov vs Peter Sargious
High Loss456Chris Sykes to Rhonda Reece
High BingoPROPANES(158)Nicholas Tam vs Emil Rem
High Non BingoHAFIZ(90)Jason Krueger vs Emil Rem
Comeback Kid171Chris Sykes vs Jason Krueger
Low Win331Peter Sargious vs Rhonda Reece
Bingo Ace40Wayne Clifford

Division 2

High Game583Richard Charach vs Richard Martin
High Loss406Sue Brigliadori to Richard Charach
High BingoICEBOATS(131)Sue Brigliadori
High Non BingoAZINE(74)Erin Kinsella vs Richard Charach
Comeback Kid87Linda Slater vs Sue Brigliadori
Low Win317Wendy McGrath vs Sue Brigliadori
Bingo Ace36Richard Charach

Division 3

High Game497Danielle Barker vs Arthur Charach
High Loss392Gladys Wilson to Darlene Kendel
High BingoNESTING(104)Pat Potter
High Non BingoQUERNS(79)Darlene Kendel vs Daisy Bailey
Comeback Kid117Tom McKay vs Daisy Bailey
Low Win291Shirley Simon vs Estelle Matthews
Bingo Ace33Danielle Barker

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyTITLESSRichard Charach vs Jason Eyolfson
Best Legitimate WordBIOMETRICSJuraj Pivovarov
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-2 -4 -4= -10Linda Slater
Living on the edge (three closest wins)1 +2 +7 = +10Erin Kinsella