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Mike Ebanks Memorial Tournament NYD

Posted by Maureen on Thu December 05, 2019 at 16h10

Mike Ebanks Memorial Tournament

New Year’s Day

Where: Betty’s house 140 Sunlake Circle SE 403-201-2206
Time: Play begins at 12 noon
Entry: $10.00 to be paid out in prizes
Games: 6

Please bring a snack to share.

5 point challenge rule will be played for all games **** Please email Maureen Morris to register as Betty is providing the venue however I will host the tournament. There will be the no Shusshing rule and no whining either.

5 point challenge rule is as follows. The opponent is free to challenge a play however if the word is acceptable the person who played it will get a 5 point bonus for every word challenged. And the challenger does NOT lose their turn if the word is good. If the word is unacceptable the play comes off the board and the player loses their turn just as normally would happen.