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Larocque and Brigliadori win Marathon

Posted by Juraj on Sun December 08, 2019 at 14h40

Matt Larocque (6-2) caught up with Juraj (8-0) by beating him in all three games of their matchup to win the tournament with a 10-2 record. Juraj finished 2nd. And in a close race for 3rd, Emil came out on top with 7-5 record.

In Div B, Sue Brigliadori was gibsonized with one round to go, and won also with 10-2 record. Maureen Morris was 2nd with 8-4. And with the best spread in the division, and tuff luck winner, Danielle Barker finished 3rd with 7-5.

Special thanks to Elsje for all the bookkeeping work in the first four rounds. She figured her father had learned enough by then to do the remaining 8 rounds on his own.

We are indebted to Estelle for hosting the event again. And we are very grateful for all the delicious snacks and dishes that various people shared. Made for another very enjoyable Marathon.

See you soon for the last few Thursdays and Sundays of Calgary Scrabble in 2019.


Division A Round 12 Standings

Rnk Won-Lost Sprd Player                  Last Game
  1 10.0-2.0 +952 Larocque, Matthew (A1)  W:429-345:A2    $130
  2 9.0-3.0  +930 Pivovarov, Juraj (A2)   L:345-429:A1     $95
  3 7.0-5.0   +30 Rem, Emil (A5)          W:377-362:A3     $65 
  4 6.0-6.0   -18 Ward, Noella (A6)       W:368-330:A8     $50 Perf
  5 6.0-6.0   -82 Clifford, Wayne (A3)    L:362-377:A5
  6 6.0-6.0  -122 Tillekeratne, Siri (A4) W:357-311:A9
  7 5.0-7.0   -39 Payne, Bill (A8)        L:330-368:A6
  8 4.0-8.0  -416 McGrath, Wendy (A9)     L:311-357:A4
  9 4.0-8.0  -460 Maas, Peter (A10)       W:358-338:A7
 10 3.0-9.0  -775 Clifford, Maureen (A7)  L:338-358:A10
Division B Round 12 Standings

Rnk Won-Lost Sprd Player                   Last Game
  1 10.0-2.0 +625 Brigliadori, Sue (B3)    W:417-296:B10  $130
  2 8.0-4.0  +470 Morris, Maureen (B2)     W:511-222:B4    $95
  3 7.0-5.0  +954 Barker, Danielle (B7)    W:494-334:B6    $65
  4 7.0-5.0   +74 Apissoghomian, John (B5) W:410-311:B1
  5 7.0-5.0   +18 Weis, Rodney (B4)        L:222-511:B2
  6 6.0-6.0   +67 Morigeau, Terri (B1)     L:311-410:B5
  7 6.0-6.0   +29 Slater, Linda (B6)       L:334-494:B7
  8 4.0-8.0  -791 Mckay, Tom (B10)         L:296-417:B3    $50 Perf
  9 3.0-9.0  -873 Matthews, Estelle (B8)   L:314-355:B9
 10 2.0-10.0 -573 Anamali, Dominic (B9)    W:355-314:B8


Division 1

High Game586Juraj Pivovarov vs Noella Ward
High Loss407Noella Ward to Matt Larocque
High BingoHEXADES(124)Matt Larocque vs Maureen Clifford
High Non BingoZED(68)Siri Tillekeratne vs Emil Rem
Comeback Kid130Noella Ward vs Bill Payne
Low Win319Maureen Clifford vs Wendy McGrath
Bingo Ace25Juraj Pivovarov

Division 2

High Game511Maureen Morris vs Rod Weis
High Loss419Dominic Anamali to Danielle Barker
High BingoTENDINGS(158)Danielle Barker
High Non BingoFEZ(75)Sue Brigliadori vs Maureen Morris
High Non BingoOZONE(75)Danielle Barker vs Terri Morigeau
Comeback Kid101Sue Brigliadori vs Danielle Barker
Low Win346Dominic Anamali vs Terri Morigeau
Bingo Ace31Danielle Barker

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyGOTHLIKETerri Morigeau vs Linda Slater
Best Mike Ebanks (M+E) wordMISSPENTJohn Apissoghomian
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-1 -5 -7 = -13Danielle Barker
Living on the edge (three closest wins)+3 +5 +7 = +15Sue Brigliadori