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New Additions

Posted by Paul S on Sun February 28, 1999 at 0h00

Several new pages have been added to the site! Some are pages from the old site which have been updated and enhanced, and others are entirely new. They are all described below.

  • Club Outcomes - A list of possible outcomes for four-player Calgary club groups. Purely for the ultra-curious. This is a straight conversion of the page from the old site that I hope to further update soon.
  • Club Simulation - This is a hypothetical club session at the Calgary Scrabble® Group that helps to illustrate how our ladder system works. It should be useful for prospective new members and current members who aren't entirely sure how our system works. This is also a conversion of an old site page, however the final night's fictional ladder has been corrected to reflect proper results.
  • How to Work Out Ratings - I am pleased to introduce the online version of my guide for approximating ratings after a tournament. I wrote this about a year ago for club members, and it served to largely demystify the rating system for our members. Unlike other ratings explanations, it does not skimp on detail yet is written in easy-to-understand language. For club members that have the old guide, the new web version features the addition of feedback points and information about unrated players. It also features links to other rating information pages.
  • Mini-Tournament Division Plan - To hopefully avoid any controversy regarding mini-tournament divisions, a draft of the official division plan has been placed online. It is simply a chart listing the number of players in each division for 8-47 players. NOTE: Because this page is to reflect the official plan, I will be showing it to the other directors for approval later this week. Until then, please consider this page tentative.