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Site Move

Posted by Paul S on Sat May 20, 2000 at 0h00

As you can see, the site has moved to its new location! In case you haven't notice the new URL, it's www.calgary374.org. Yes, that's right, the site now has its own domain! The domain name was suggested by club member Louis Fernandes and unanimously approved by all available directors at this week's club session.

With the move comes a few changes. First and foremost, the site is now under the ownership and control of the Calgary Lexicon Club and its directors. This is the incorporated arm of the Calgary Scrabble® Group. The change in ownership means that site content is now subject to approval/change by the Club Directors. For the moment, I am serving as the Acting Webmaster until we have a chance to set down some formal guidelines for the site at our next meeting.

Second, the site now has a bigger capacity! We have up to 99MB of storage to accomodate new additions and features for many years to come. In addition to this, the site now has new capabilities, such as CGI. This allows us to provide forms, message forums, polls, and other neat features! As features are added, we will of course make announcements here.

Finally, there are new contact addresses for virtually every aspect of the site, as well as personal addresses for all of the directors. At the moment, a simple provisional structure has been established to tide us over until a formal structure can be approved. Please see the newly revised contacts page for more information. NOTE: Please use the new addresses from now on! All mailto links on the site have been revised. Using the new addresses ensures your inquiry/suggestion is automatically directed to the correct person.

For the moment, the organization and design of this site is the same as it was before. We may be looking to redesign the site in the near future, but as with everything else plans for this must be finalized first.

I'm looking forward to expanding this site even more!

NOTE: Please let me know if a page is missing or if a link doesn't work. I had to make some global changes to the site (updating links and such to point to the new site) and it's possible something was missed. Also, it's possible I just plain missed a page when uploading the site to the new server! Your cooperation will help make the transition clean and easy!

One small note: The Guestbook is still located is still located in my personal web space for the time being. It will be moving to the main site soon. The only reason I'm mentioning this to encourage people to sign it!