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Pictures Section

Posted by Paul S on Sat June 17, 2000 at 0h00

We are pleased to announce the opening of a Pictures Section. It features shots of some of our club members playing. The Directors Page has also been updated with pictures. The photos are courtesy of club member Michel Demers and his digital camera. (The pictures section is being housed in the Miscellaneous Section for now.) NOTE: The page and images amount to about 300K, which will take about four minutes to load with a 28800bps connection.

Quick Update - A quick progress report: I've been working on the Ladder Archive and hope to be done soon. I can't say exactly when but I can say that the hard part of reading and recompiling the stats has been accomplished so now it's on to easier task of adding new stuff. Also, the ratings page will be updated when the Summer tournament ratings arrive. It's nearly fixed; I just have to do a few minor touch-ups.